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Walk Two: Central Station to Dank Street circuit

Overview: From Central Station exit at Devonshire and Chalmers Streets walk Elizabeth St to Philip St, left into Dank, along Young, then Crown, then down Devonshire St Central Station where you started from. This can be quite a long walk between galleries and cafes.

Start at the Central Station rear exit at the cnr of Devonshire St and Chalmers St. Walk up Elizabeth St passing various cafes and home renovation suppliers for the heritage terrace houses and modern inner city apartments. About fifty metres once you cross Cleveland Street you will find the following gallery on the right side of the road.

Continue down Elizabeth St until you reach Philip St (a bit of a stretch), then turn left and walk up Philip St to Young St, then turn right and then left into Dank St warehouse. In this space there are about 11 galleries mainly contemporary art and an award winning cafe! This space includes the following galleries:

Walk back towards Surry Hills along Young St until you reach Cleveland St. On the corner view furniture design.

Cross the road and walk up Cleveland St towards Crown St to visit the next gallery.

Continue up Cleveland St and turn left into Crown St. Visit one of the great cafes or view the chic window displays and visit the next gallery.

From here, continue up Crown St and turn right into Devonshire St at the great Rustic Cafe for the next gallery.

Continue down Devonshire St and turn left into Bourke St, walk down and turn left into Davies St and left into Raper St. Here, you will find the Brett Whiteley Studio complete with current exhibition, an open portion of his workspace, various literature, and watch videos of his life in a relaxed atmosphere.

From here you could continue with Walk One to the Sydney Antique Centre. To continue with this Walk Two, from Brett Whiteley Gallery turn right, then left into Davies St and walk up to Crown St. Once you reach Crown St turn right and wander up one on one side and return on the other side back to the corner of Crown and Devonshire Sts. Along the way you will pass restaurants including the MG Garage, Fuel Bistro and Clock Hotel, clothing boutiques, furniture galleries, interiors, ceramic tiles which include the following:

Back at the corner of Crown and Devonshire Sts, turn right into Devonshire St and walk down to the next gallery.

Continue down Devonshire St to the intersection with Elizabeth St at Central Station.
Hope you had a fantastic day!