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Reviewed links to art, computer, business, news and educational websites with Australian content. Allow Shazbeige to show you Sydney's best walks, art and culture.

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Suggested walks around the art galleries of Sydney inner city suburbs of Paddington and Surry Hills. Links to local Sydney and International Art galleries. Information on computers, Australian education, business, world newspapers, weather and postcodes. Entertainment around Sydney plus the odd NZ B&B ....

Art Links

  • Easel Street Links to Australian Art State and National Art Gallerys. Some links to Australian town and suburban galleries and international galleries.

  • Craft Markets Links to International and Australian Artists for craft and design and jewellery. Links to commercial Art portals.

  • Paddo Walks Suggested walks around the Art Galleries in Paddington, Sydney, Australia.

  • Surry Hills Walks Suggested walks around the Art Galleries in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia.

  • Aboriginal Art Links to Australian Art Galleries on Aboriginal Art and culture of Australian's Indigenous people.

  • Fashion Links to Australian Fashion Designers and International Designers, information on French Couture.

  • Clickety Click Links to Australian Photographers, major manufacturers of cameras and their tutorials for taking the best pictures.

  • Writers Writings Links to Australian bookstores and publishers. Hints on writing and writing for the web. Works by Lesley Mellor, and links to some major writers.

  • Silk Painting Links and information on silk painting techniques.


  • General Links to site for those first learning computers, glossary and referencing and many e-learning sites with tutorials on most subjects. Information on viruses, links to major computing companies, Australian communication services and ISP's. Links to organisations who set the standards for computing, cabling, electrical wiring, communications etc.

  • Networking, Certification - MCSE Links to information on networking, tcp/ip and related fields. Links to information on gaining certification for MCSE and links to free practice exams.

  • Web Design, Images, Web Programming Links to free clip art and images, and checking your links. Tutorials on programming including HTML, Java, C++, PHP, ASP and SQL etc.

  • Search Engines Links to search engines and how to select the best search engine for your use. Links to how to register your site with search engines and optimise your ranking


  • Politics Australian Party's, Local Sydney Councils, Australian Political Bodies.

  • News Australian newspapers, TV, Radio Australian Finance Regulators and Tax Office, Australian Banks Finance (all OZ references), Business and Management Magazines, Exchange Rates & International Finance.

  • Property Real Estate Agents and Portals.

  • Education National Education, Australian Universities, Technical Colleges, Community Colleges, Theories on Learning, Organisational Learning and Management, Games and Puzzles in Training


  • Sydney For the traveller in Sydney, Australia. Accommodation, public transport, business services, entertainment, cinemas, theatre and handy e-grocery shopping.

  • New Zealand For the traveller in NZ. Accommodation, public transport and business services.

  • Not the News General information including Australian satire links, the monarchy, the pope, food, cartoons, dilbert, sheet music. Just all kinds of "stuff".

  • References References for world white and yellow pages, email addresses, the weather world wide, maps, time and world religious holidays and each countries public holidays.