Links to silk painting, the history of silk and textiles

The following sites will take you to other methods of dying silk, creating beautify designs, the history of silk and more general sites on textiles and useful textile information. Please enjoy.

Silk fabric manufacturers Manufacturers and exporters of  silk fabric, cotton fabric, wool, leather, jute, nylon, polyester, rayon and satin used for apparel and other home furnishing products.
Silk Art Design  by Nikki Broadwell, Oregon USA.
Linda Taft Walburn  Includes quilts and digital photography. Graphic intense takes a while to load
Iris Vrus Lives in Croatia. Delightful and artistic silk fabric creations.
Silk Painting  Tutorial in About. How to remove Gutta Lines and How to make a simple stand.
Batik, Traditional Fabric of Indonesia  Site for Expatriates. History and methods of Batik Painting.
Hand Dyeing Fabric  by Paula Burch. Lots of information and family stuff
Story of Batik  excellent information and pages on "Appreciation of Art"
History of Brocaded Silk Weaving in Iran  describes types of silk used during the Safavid period.
Silkworms  Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Information for K-12 teachers about raising silkworms in their classrooms but generally excellent for anyone.
Sericulture  by Dr Ron Cherry. Explains the origin of sericulture or silk production .
Dreamtime Scarves  Murwillumbah NSW Australia. The visionary work of the leading artist, AINSLIE ROBERTS and D'OZ have together created this unique and timeless silk scarf collection portraying Australia's ancient landscapes and its living legendary culture.
Silk Direct VIC Australia. Silks for the retail customer suitable for patchwork, craft, fashion and home decorating. In addition to these beautiful Thai and Indian silks by the metre, Silk Direct has silk and scarves suitable for painting, and silk for patchwork, as fat quarters or whatever length you need.
Craftden Australian Publications
Desart Australian Aboriginal Silk painting. Keringke Arts.